Palm Sugar Candy Milk Mix (Panakarkandu Paal)

IMG_20150624_151226.wm Panakarkandu paal (Palm sugar candy milk) is used as a home remedy for cold and cough. Usually it’s boiled with turmeric powder and pepper. A year back a friend of mine introduced me to a ready-made mix of palm sugar candy milk. My son who doesn’t drink milk started to like its taste. Whenever I try something new he asks for its name, ingredients and after his initial inquiry is over he decides whether to taste it. So when he asked about this milk I told him its vanilla milkshake, if only I had told its panakarkandu paal he would have ran a mile… lol. Seeing the pack’s ingredients it was very easy to give a try; so when I got hold of a good batch of panakarkandu, I tried it out for myself and it was very good. This recipe has a mild pepper flavor… just right for my five-year old. If it’s going to be for adults you can add some extra pepper and dry ginger. This mix is very handy; just mix it with some hot milk whenever needed.


Panakarkandu (Palm sugar candy) – 1 cup
Pepper – 1 tablespoon
Dry ginger (sukku) – 1 inch piece
Cardamom – 6


  1. Crush the panakarkandu and dry ginger to small pieces before adding it to the mixer.
  2. Add the pepper, cardamom and the crushed dry ginger to a mixer and pulse it once. Now add the crushed panakarkandu to it and grind it to make a powder. Store in an airtight container.
  3. To make the panakarkandu milk, just add 2 teaspoons of the mix to 150 ml of hot milk, mix well, strain it and serve.


    1. This powder can also be boiled with milk and a ¼ teaspoon of turmeric powder for 3 to 4 mins.
    2. Add extra pepper for a strong flavour.

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